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Is an IUL the right fit for you? We’ll explain the benefits IULs have for you and your beneficiaries. An IUL is one way retirees can leave a legacy behind.

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Tax-Free* Income Options

In addition to providing lifetime income options, our practice also offers tax-free* income choices for retirees as well. Certain life insurance policies, such as indexed universal life insurance (IUL) may provide a way to take income during retirement, tax-free*. Because an IUL is not an investment, it is not subject to the same rules as traditional retirement account options. For example, IUL’s do not have a maximum contribution limit like traditional 401(k)s or IRA(s) do.

Sometimes we’ll use an IUL as another savings account. Since the income can be taken out at any time, tax-free*, an IUL can be useful for additional expenses. Or, you may choose to take income from it so that the rest of your retirement remains in-tact. Everyone has a unique situation, of course, so be sure to talk with us to find out if an IUL could be right for you.

Could a Tax-Free* Retirement Help You?

With several choices available, you’ll want to learn more about your options before deciding if an IUL is a fit for your retirement plan. To help you understand why some people use an IUL in retirement, here are some reasons for considering it:

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For Your Beneficiaries

If you’re hoping to leave some of your wealth behind, an IUL could be worth considering. Because it is an insurance product with a death benefit, your beneficiaries can receive their money without probate. In addition, the death benefit is not taxable to your beneficiaries either. An IUL is one way retirees can leave a legacy for their loved ones.

Tax-Free* Income Strategies

Our overall goal is safety and long-term security of your wealth. If you’d like to learn more about how indexed universal life insurance works, or how it may help you, reach out. We offer educational seminars to help you learn more available strategies. NO products will be sold at the event and there is no obligation to make a follow-up appointment. In addition, we’re here to answer your questions and guide you to your goals. 

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